1. Our copy editing quizzes also show up on whiteboards, the giant ones on the 3rd floor. And how about that deer head, eh?

  2. The team at All Things Considered logs the funny stuff they said on a whiteboard, naturally.

  3. A post-it for the whiteboard blog: NPR’s John Poole doodles tea plants to highlight how the best tea is made from the tips only.

  4. Banksy getting ever more niche - this one on the back of Morning’s story map, so that only the producer in the gallery in 36 can see it.

  5. As part of our campaign finance reporting, mapping out connections between 501c4s. 

  6. Stephen Thompson’s 2013 edition of his enemies list, before it got erased recently.

  7. The NPR Royal Baby Name Pool. Our blogs editor, Wright, guessed it was a boy and his name would be George. But some of these other guesses should have won for creativity. Andrew’s choice for a symbol-formerly-known-as-Prince was pretty brilliant.

  8. Woot! It’s a Stamberg-nado! (Susan Stamberg is one of NPR’s founding mothers.)

  9. With half of the office moved into our new NPR digs at 1111 N. Capitol, the walls of the soon-to-be-bulldozed old HQ have become whiteboards for the talents of our excellent whiteboard artists.

  10. Not a white board, but a sign on white paper. Close enough. I need more submissions, clearly.